The clay is sourced from the deeper soil layers, which makes it full of healthy substances and highly absorbent.


Perfectly Clean Teeth

Amazing taste and carefully selected ingredients of this toothpaste will make your teeth and gums healthy again.

• extraordinary cleansing power for teeth and the entire oral cavity,
• good blood circulation in the gums,
• for everyday use,
• antibacterial,
• anti-inflammatory,
• alleviates gum issues,
• removes dental plaque,
• removes tartar.

Instructions for use:
Clay toothpaste can be used every day just like an ordinary toothpaste. Grey clay has an extraordinary cleansing power for the teeth and the entire ral cavity. For a better effect and increased circulation apply the toothpaste to the gums in a thin layer before sleep.

The grey colour of our clay prooves it’s richness with silica and silicates and it being the most permeable type of clay.


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